Health & Safety

Keeping our Residents Safe

Redwood Campus Center’s building design and system engineering have required the highest level of safety and occupant environmental performance criteria in the Baltimore residential community.

NGBS Green Certified Building

The paradigm has changed in the COVID-19 generation of buildings. Single occupancy, fresh air distribution, increased air exchange rate, filtration, UV treatment, increased elevator ratios, and enhanced cleaning of common areas are now standard for off-campus residential living. By providing a complete retrofit of a modern building whose target market is graduate students and the UMB community, we will deliver the most advanced and innovatively engineered campus residential environment in Baltimore’s history for initial occupancy commencing the academic year Fall 2021.

  • All apartments are designed for single occupancy to provide social distancing.

  • UVGI units (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) are located in the supply air ducts for each mechanical air handler throughout the building (4 UVGI’s per floor, every floor).

  • In combination with UVGI, MERV 13 filters are located in each mechanical unit with required interval replacement.

  • Fresh outside air induction resulting in complete air changes on each floor at a rate of 6x per hour, with 24/7 programming. If necessary, the induction capacity for fresh outside air can be increased.

  • Up to six elevators are available in the event of interval distancing.

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Health & Safety FAQ

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